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Promteh-invest is a logging and woodworking enterprise in the Komi Republic, established in May 2012.

In the early years of our operation, our company was focused on logging. However, already in 2016, Promteh-invest set a course to accomplish a new task - the creation of a woodworking production for deep processing of wood.

Promteh-invest is an enterprise with a full production cycle: from timber harvesting to the production of finished products with their subsequent sale in the domestic and foreign markets.

The main task of Promteh-invest is to process 100 percent of harvested wood using completely waste-free technology. For this purpose, a new development program and a new investment project with investments of more than 2 billion rubles have been adopted.

At the same time, work aimed at reforestation and forest conservation is no less important.

“— To replace each felled tree, a new one should be planted, and most likely even two, so no matter when you come to us - in 10 years, in 20, in 30, you will always see a forest full of animals and birds,” This is what Vladislav Fedkin, General Director of Promteh-invest, thinks.”

9 000 m²

area of ​​production premises

4,500 tons

fuel granules (pellets)

30 000 m³

lumber produced per year

250 000 m³

timber harvested per year

Our advantages
  • Clients all over the world

    Our company cooperates with a large number of clients around the world

  • High-tech production

    Constant modernization of production

  • Compliance with international standards

    Our company cooperates with a large number of clients around the world

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